Monday, October 10, 2011

yawwwwwwwwwww :*

say hello to my dearest reader !
seriously who is so nice to read my blog . 
i been like xxxxxx years didn't update my baby blog

yeay life change and too sad to say i'm single now
i miss him so much k wtv 
it's 250711 we broke up and it's like going to be three months
wow time past so fast 
and i have just end my job 
so tired with all this
really want a holiday
shopping !
who can accompany me ? :)

my life is so alone and lonely now
damn i really have no one
not even a friend
everyone is having a nice collage life
university life
i'm regret for not cont. my studies
i deny it when everybody ask me
but nobody know me 
it's ok 

stay positive in my life
stay strong
smile to every problem
tears will accompany every night

it's been around 3 months 
but i still can't get over him
i miss all the moment
i miss him